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College Library

About Silapathar College Library

Silapathar College Library is automated with SOUL3.0 ILMS and Barcode technology.Silapathar College Library has 15750 printed books. It has 7339 Unique copies, 13055+ Text Book and 2695+Reference books. Library has been Subscribing 10 printed journals,10 magazines,8 newspapers. Silapathar College Library had a good collection of Special and rare books also a goog collection of periodicals bound volume. The bookshelves are arranged department-wise and books are arranged subject-wise. The library conducts a stock verification process every 5 years. SilapatharCollege library has a reading room with 50 seating capacity of library users. There is a separate reading area for the faculty members of the college. Silapathar college Library has also a daily News reading corner. The files relevant to library and library services are well maintained and labeled for easy access to any of the library staff. The library is open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on all working days. Students can borrow 2 books for 15 days. Faculties can borrow 10 books for 30 days and other staff can borrow 5 books for 30 days. There is a library advisory committee and the committee takes important decisions related to the library. The library purchases new books as per the requisition given by the respective department Teaching Staff and students. Library also has a purchase suggestion register where library users can suggest books to be purchased. All the new books and journals are kept in the new arrival display section for one week or till the arrival of the next lot of new arrivals. The library orientation program is carried out for new students in which details about the library collection, services, timing, and doubts of students if any are cleared. All the old and damaged books have been weeded out every year and kept in the Old/Weeded section in the library. SilapatharCollege Library has automated itself by adopting several measures like,

ILMS in the Library: Silapathar College Library is used SOUL 1.0 ILMS from 2009 to 2013 it was upgrade SOUL 2.0 in year 2013 and latest SOUL 3.0 has been installed in 2022 and it use till.

Barcode Attendance System: Barcode-based attendance system for both students and staff are placed at the library entrance to know the number of users visiting the library.

Searching through OPAC:Since the library is automated, the holdings of the library can be searched using OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) through web OPAC too.

Digital Library Section: Silapathar College library has a separate digital library (in-house digital archive) section, student can access digital content in their digital devices trough Wi-Fi within library campus.

Wi-Fi-based Library: Silapathar College Library is Wi-Fi based library(ID:LIBRARY, Password ****123). Library users can use the Wi-Fi service in the reading hall and in the librarycampus.

Membership of E-Contents: SilapatharCollege Library is a member of the N-LIST The library has an internet facility through which the E-resources can be accessed. The users can access 199500+ E-books and 6000+ E-journals available in the N-LIST database in different discipline in different subjects.

WhatsApp-based circulation: Students of Silapathar College are connected with the library through WhatsApp Groups (SC Library Readers). All important information, notices, new arrival of books, etc. are shared in those groups.

Service: The library provides an online Old (Previous year) Question Paper access facility to its users by using College Wi-Fi only. ID card Printing and other Services: The library prints Library Cards for all the stakeholders of Silapathar College using the college web portal. A reprographic facility is also available for library users.

Library Staff


Designation: LIBRARIAN
Qualification:MLISC, M.PHIL



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