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The Silapathar College Students’ Union has a mouthpiece entitled “SILAPATHAR COLLEGE MAGAZINE” which is published annually. The magazine serves as the vehicle of reflecting intellectual world of the students’ community.


Students are encouraged to cultivate literary activities through Wall Magazines published by every department from time to time.The departmental wall magazines are named as below:

1.Department of Assamese:             SRIJANI
2.Department of English:                  THINK GREEN
3.Department of Political Science:  SWAGATAM
4.Department of Sociology:              ABHIGYAN
5.Department of Economics:            ALOK
6.Department of Philosophy:            DRISTI
7.Department of History:                   OITIJYA
8.Department of Education:              ANVESHA

The concerned department publishes its wall magazine every year on the occasion of Freshers’ Social. A wall magazine competition is also held during the College Week which is mandatory for all departments to participate.

In addition to the above, a general Wall Magazine named ANTARANGA is also published annually by the Students’ Union.


The following departments have been maintaining regularity in publishing their departmental magazines timely:

i)Department of Assamese: The department is regularly publishing a bi-annual Assamese hand written magazine entitled “Anushilan”.

ii)Department of Economics: The annual magazine of the department is “Pragati”. It is published with the intent to make a sincere effort to reflect knowledge and original ideas of the students on current & emerging economic issues.

iii)Department of English: “Nurture”, an annual magazine of the department has been publishing yearly to enhance the knowledge of the students in the world of literature

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