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Accredited with NAAC by grade 'B'



The digital turn in education has been described across a wide range of initiatives and processes. These include the introduction of digital tools and gadgets as a part of the learning environment, building digital archives and repositories of learning. Keeping in consonance with the present digital world, Silapathar College has installed digital classrooms to partially replace traditional classroom teaching for benefit of the students.


Silapathar College has a hi-tech state of the art Virtual class room. It will help develop new tools to enrich course-work, enhance flexibility, and attract the best students and faculty.Virtual class room lets institutions of higher education reach students anywhere, anytime, by blending fully interactive and recordable audio, video, and web conferencing capabilities.With these proven, powerful tools, educational institutions can extend the walls of their classrooms in both space and time, and bring the rest of the world to their campuses.


The college has a Health Care Centre with essential infrastructure and first aid medicines to promote physical, mental & social well being of the students.A part time physician and a nurse have been appointed for health check up.The college intends to provide health care information and become an important source of services for faculty, staff and students of the college.


To show case the rich traditional and cultural heritage of the tribal and indigenous peoples of the North East, Silapathar College had established a mini museum under the UGC sponsored Tribal Study Centre in 2007.


The college has also started to recycle bio-waste by forming Vermi Compost Units in the college. Vermi composting is the process of using earthworms to turn organic wastes into very high-quality compost.The worm casts contain five times more nitrogen, seven times more phosphorus and 11 times more potassium than ordinary soil, nutrients essential for healthy plant growth.


(i)Wi-fi enabled campus
(iii)Pure Drinking Water
(iv)Computer lab
(v)Psychological Lab
(vi)Science lab
(vii)  Girls’ Common Room
(viii) Boys’ Common Room
(ix)Students’ Union Office
(x)Alumni Office
(xi)Yoga Centre
(xii)  Car Parking
(xiii) Cycle Stand
(xiv) Auditorium
(xv)  Indoor stadium
(xvi)  Play ground

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