To strictly adhere to the principles of evaluation system by all concerned, the Internal Monitoring Committee under IQAC is working as watchdog.

IQAC has been constituted as per NAAC norms and is functioning effectively in excelling academic standard and quality as well as all-round development of the institution.The following are its members:
i)Dr. Lakhinath Pegu, Principal:Chairperson
ii)Leela Ram Newar, Associate Professor:Coordinator
iii)Dr. Baby Morang Doley,Associate Professor:Faculty Representative
iv)Dr. Jai Ram Jha,Associate Professor:Faculty Representative
v)Raju Pegu,Assistant Professor:Faculty Representative
vi)Lalit Chandra Doley,Vice Principal:Senior Administrative Officer
vii)Management Representative
viii)Student Representative
ix)Alumni Representative
x)A.J. Rymond, Principal SDBS:Community Representative
xi)Kamal Jain, Businessman:Community Representative
xii)Dr. Bhabajit Bhuyan:External Expert
xiii)Rupam Gogoi:External Expert
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