The college has a Girls’ Hostel with adequate amenities. Students seeking seats in the hostel must fill in a separate Hostel Admission Form obtainable from the college office which have to be submitted within stipulated time. All boarders must abide by the following rules and regulations:
(i)The boarders must maintain decent, dignified and disciplined principle of life in and outside the hostel.
(ii)No visitor is allowed to meet any boarder without the permission of the hostel superintendent.
(iii)Use of mobile phone is normally not allowed.
(iv)All boarders must follow the mess rules in force in the hostel.
(v)Violation of hostel rules will be seriously treated as punishable offence which may lead to expulsion from the hostel as well as the college.
(vi)Damage of hostel property caused by any boarder will attract punishment along with charging of compensation. Depending upon the nature and reason of damage, she may be expelled from the hostel as well as the college

A Hostel Management Committee is constituted to look into the matters of the Women’s Hostel of the college. A separate bye-law shall govern the powers and functions of the Hostel Management Committee.
i)Mr. Lalit Chandra Doley,Vice-Principal,Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics - Coordinator
ii)Dr. Baby Morang Doley,Associate Professor, Department of Economics - Lady Member
iii)Dinesh Chandra Pegu,Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Political Science - Member
iv)Dilip Dutta,Associate Professor, Department of Economics - Member
v)Anima Doley Pegu,Assistant Professor, Department of Education - Lady Member
vi)Gitima Deka,Assistant Professor & Head, Department of English - Lady Member
vii)Nayanmoni Pegu,Assistant Professor, Department of Education - Lady Member
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